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Gogoanime a website for all english anime videos where you can get almost all kind of popular animes in english dubbed and subbed means GoGo Anime is home to all movies and series to watch and download with subtitles.

About Goganime

Gogoanime is a free anime website, it gives you online access to anime video content for free. You can easily get popular anime movies, short stories, and TV series to keep you busy while surfing this site. Also there are several animated videos like romance, mystery and more. Gogoanimes is Japan's benchmark.

Stay Safe with GoGoanime

Its a best advice to stay safe while surfing gogoanime new site by using the one of the following to avoid being tracked by your govt. or ISP (Internet Service Provider). The below options can gives you full piece of mind while keeping you safe and secure so no one will know what you do online.

  • VPN
  • Web proxy
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Is it safe to use?

Gogoanime is a fully secure and safe to use because we use only highly encrypted servers and we does not log any users data so even we can't see what users doing on our site.

Gogoanime is legal to use?

Well this is very tricky question and most of us already know about the features of this website, so its strongly recommended to use VPN, Tor Browser or Web Proxy to stay secure and use it as much as you want without any problem.

Can videos videos be downloaded?

The answer is YES! you can download each and every video for personal use only by clicking the download button right upper left corner of the video screen.